The purpose of this training is to provide technician with knowledge to administer Medication, their role cautiously and correctly in the process, the different use of medication, standards, and regulations to prevent harm and even fatal under the supervision of a delegated registered Nurse (RN) according to state-approved curriculum.


  • Observing Physical and behavioral Changes
  •  Report observations to the right person right away
  •  Assist in a visit to a health care professional (Physician, Dentist or Nurse practitioner).
  •  Store Meds safely
  • Administer meds correctly.
  •  Ensure meds are taken.
  • Oversee medication refills.
  • Record info promptly

Four basic reasons medications are used:

  • 1- To prevent illness
  • 2-To control or Stop illness
  • 3-To relieve an illness
  • 4-To manage an illness from getting worse

Principles of Medication Administration

  • No medication can be given without a Physician’s order and pharmacy label.
  • Over-the-counter medication(s) cannot be given without a physician’s order and pharmacy label.
  • Self-administration should be taught and encouraged as much as possible.
  • Every person/individual and/or his or her family has the right to be involved with the decision making process to take medication.
  • The person/individual has the right to refuse treatment and services. This includes medication.
  • Medication can only be given for the benefit of the person not staff.
  • Things you can do while administering medications to maintain individual dignity
  • Address the person by name.
  • Offer privacy.
  • Keep medications in a secure area.
  • Do not Hanging medication records on a wall in public areas.
  • Do not Lining residents up to receive medications.
  • Do not Using drug carts.
  • Always explain to the individual what you are about to do prior to administration. Always maintain privacy & confidentiality to the person.
  • Always practice good hand washing
  • Do not touch the medication.
  • Do not document before medication is taken (chart after administration)
  • Do not give back dated or expired medication.
  • Always perform 6 rights (name, time, dose, frequency, route & chart)